What has lockdown taught us about our attitudes to female body hair?

2021 has brought us many things recently, however, potentially one of the most valuable has been discussing the issues that many women still currently face in the 21st century and people’s voices regarding female empowerment are being heard, loud and clear. During the pandemic most of us have spent our time in sweatpants, luxuriously loose loungewear, and no makeup, unless of course you have a personal stylist with some SERIOUSLY comfy jeans! Many of us also abandoned our time and financially consuming hair removal routines. After all, with waxing salons and threading appointments a thing of the pre-Covid past, many of us have had no choice.

Fast forward a year more than a year and seeing actual people in real life is rapidly becoming more of a distinct possibility as plans start going back into the diary. It’s thrown up a really interesting topic now that lockdown is easing up. Dare we bare our hair? Have we officially freed the fuzz, or will we fall back on old removal habits? Ultimately, is fuzz fear still very much with us?

Where does this fuzz fear come from?!

A common question amongst WhatsApp groups across the nation is when is your next salon appointment booked for and what are you having done? This is despite having admitted to not feeling ‘quite as bad’ as expected when we became solely responsible for our own hair removal. Did we only remove it because we were seeing other people and were concerned at what they might think?

It’s made us question at Sensica what is it that makes us all so critical of our own body hair and where the impulse to remove it really comes from? Some point the finger at porn (especially when it comes to pubic hair) but it’s worth analysing just how ingrained hairless underarms and legs are on women, and that any deviation from that is somehow less-than, or strange?

What to do about all this pressure?

At Sensica we recognise that women are under so much pressure to look and act a certain way in order to feel accepted by society’s conditioned male gaze. The pandemic – as well as the time we allowed our hair to grow during lockdown has shifted many perspectives. Whether you decide that removing your body hair after lockdown is the first thing on your list or not, now is a great time to experiment with your own personal feelings about body hair and become comfortable and accept your body in whatever form you choose it to be in.

If you do want to continue your hair removal routine, it may well be that you’re searching for salon quality results from the comfort of your own home? At Sensica we’re all about achieving real beauty, none of that airbrushed, photoshopped rubbish thanks. We create technologies to provide you with boosted confidence, more self-love and positivity towards you and your wonderful body. Take the Sensica Sensilight Pro which allows you to achieve smooth skin anywhere, anytime. It uses Reactive Pulsed Light (RPL) over IPL like others on the market. RPL is used in professional salons and safely adapts to your skin tone. You can treat your legs in just 15 minutes! If you’ve had your own hair removal epiphany and you only want to remove a small, targeted area the Sensica Sensilight Mini could be your new best friend for compact & focused treatment areas. Think: the upper lip or your underarms.

Through the Sensica Magazine, our social media and newsletter, we strive to create a platform where knowledge, technology, advise and an engaged community uplift one another to make sure you achieve your real beauty results AND feel inspired and supported in the process. We encourage our wonderful community to speak their truth and boost their confidence whether they choose to continue to remove unwanted body hair after lockdown, or not!

If you’re ready to join our fantastically supportive community sign up via the website or come and say hello over on our Instagram.

We can’t wait to hear you spread the word!

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