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After years at the forefront of professional medical aesthetics, the Sensica team set themselves a new challenge: to take the advanced, non-invasive technologies used in salons and clinics and convert them into home-use devices. This, they claimed, would “save women time and money, making these types of treatments accessible to all”.

Each device in our line of revolutionary skin care and beauty devices is based on clinically-proven, proprietary technologies that have been specially adapted for personal use, to bring you clinic-grade techniques for clinic-grade results.

The superior experience delivered by our ergonomic, easy-to-use devices enables you to carry out treatments when you want, where you want, while still achieving visible, long-term results that you’ll love.

Our scientists and thought leaders are constantly working on new methodologies for breakthrough treatments for the face and body, finding improved ways to provide our technologies to you safely, simply and effectively.


lnTrense™ technology

Sensilift MINI is powered by unique lnTrense” , professional and clinically proven technology to generate a real change from within. RF technology has been used in doctors’ clinics and spa centers for several years in tens of thousands of professional treatments and was found to be highly effective. This FDA cleared technology focuses 2 low power beams deep into the dermal layers to contract collagen fibres and stimulate the natural production of collagen, which reduces as we age. lnTrense™ technology allows RF waves to penetrate multiple skin layers, increasing dermal collagen production for smoother, tighter, and visibly rejuvenated skin. Results are both immediate and long-lasting.


DRF™ (Dynamic Radio Frequency) technology

Revolutionizing the traditional approach of the non-invasive anti-aging treatments used by medical professionals, Sensica has taken RF (Radio Frequency) technology to the next level, with clinically-proven Dynamic RF™. In a small step that makes a huge difference to the final result, DRFTM adds a massaging element (Dynamic) to the proven RF technology. This powerful combination maximizes the effectiveness of the treatment and allows multiple RF waves to reach deeper layers of skin more evenly. This dual action also stimulates the sub-dermal collagen production and heats deeper tissue, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to deliver long-lasting smoother and firmer skin.

An integral element of this advanced technology is its dual-action process: massaging ‘fingers’ continuously move across the treatment area stimulating circulation and enabling the radio waves that are emitted to penetrate multiple layers of skin simultaneously, covering larger volumes of tissue than other devices currently on the market.

Throughout the treatment, unique sensors constantly monitor the skin’s condition, adjusting the temperature to ensure an experience that is both personalized and safe.

Find our clinically-proven DRF™ technology in our wrinkle-reduction device, Sensilift.

Lipotherm RF™

Lipotherm RF™ technology

Proven Radio Frequency (RF) technology, until now used mainly by doctors, is pushed above and beyond its usual capabilities, and transformed into the all-new Lipotherm RF™.

Widely-spaced electrodes allow RF waves to penetrate more deeply into the skin tissue, right to the dermal layers where collagen fibres are found. Gentle and continuous massage as the device is glided over the treatment area, combined with the gentle vibration of the device itself, helps to enhance the deep-heat impact of the RF waves, increasing microcirculation, improving lymphatic drainage, activating collagen production and reducing the volume of adipocytes (fat cells).

Tightening the skin and making it more elastic, Lipotherm RF technology delivers a dramatic reduction in the appearance of cellulite, reduced body circumferences and a firmer body.

Find our clinically-proven, FDA-cleared Lipotherm RF™ technology in our cellulite-reduction and body-contouring device, Sensifirm.


RPL™ (Reactive Intense Pulsed Light) technology

Based on the scientific principle of selective photothermolysis, Sensica’s RPL™ is the next generation of the IPL hair removal technology commonly used in clinics today.

In traditional IPL, flashes of light penetrate the skin layers and are absorbed by the melanin pigment in the hair shaft, creating a local thermal effect within the follicle that reduces hair growth. 

Our RPL™ technology takes IPL a step further, with a ‘reactive’ element that makes the treatment safer and more comfortable. With every single flash of light, unique sensors react to your skin tone and condition; if they detect that the skin in the treatment area is too dark, or that contact between the device and the skin has been broken, no flash is emitted.

Find our clinically-proven RPL™ technology in our line of Sensilight permanent hair reduction solutions.

Adapt 2U™

Adapt 2U™ technology

Our multi-treatment device, Sensimatch, is designed to perfectly adapt to all your body’s unique curves, thanks to our revolutionary patented Adapt2U™ technology.

Choose your treatment – peeling, pedicure, or massage – and simply snap the appropriate pad on to the device. The Adapt2U™ technology incorporated into the pads ensures you can reach every inch of the skin; each flexible pad is filled with air, making it supple and adaptable to the unique contours of your skin’s surface. Moving dynamically and multi-dimensionally, the pads let you create a more even, personalized treatment, to give you visible results.

Find our clinically-proven Adapt2U™ technology in our multi-treatment device, Sensimatch.


CIS™ (Capsuled Infusion System) technology

In our ongoing mission to create new skin care solutions, we have developed what is set to become the future of facial skin care: the Capsule Infusion System (CIS™). With just one innovative device, you can enhance the effectiveness of a range of personalized treatments.

This advanced technology delivers three key benefits: boosting penetration of different face creams and serums; optimizing various treatments, by ensuring that all the active ingredients are delivered in an individualized way to your face, and don’t get lost on your hand; and protecting creams and serums from oxidization so as to preserve their effectiveness for longer.

The microcurrent technology in CIS™ emits extremely low-voltage electrical currents at a cellular level, stimulating collagen to help improve facial contours and tone, and reduce wrinkles. Clinically-proven iontophoresis technology then moves the product through to the deeper layers of the skin where it’s needed most.

Look out for the launch of our new capsule infusion device, featuring CIS™.

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