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Base Gel 60ml

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Designed specifically to work with our RF devices, this Base Gel ensures proper delivery of the Dynamic RF energy and effortless gliding of the device over your skin throughout the treatment.​ Simply apply a thin layer of the Base Gel just before treatment onto clean, dry skin in the relevant treatment area.

  • Purpose – Specifically designed for use with Sensilift and Sensifirm devices.​
  • RF Wave Penetration – Ensures proper treatment efficacy and penetration of the RF waves through the skin’s layers so your treatments will be effective every time.​
  • Effortless Glide – Sensica’s Base Gel creates a smooth area on your skin for the device to glide over effortlessly so you can have a pain-free, relaxing treatment.​
  • Safety – Protect the skin from damage​


Directions of Use: Sensica Base Gel is safe and easy to use. Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin shortly before use​.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Aqua, Phenoxyethanol, EthylhexylglycerinTriethanolamin, Carbomer.

60ml/ 2fl.oz

*This product has not been tested on animals.

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2 reviews for Base Gel 60ml

  1. Kim

    Very good quality and easy to use. I was worried it would dry quickly and become tacky but it didn’t. Constant reapplication was not necessary.

  2. Mary

    Very pleasant gel, and the tube is very sophisticated with 3 holes

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