Unisex Night Routine with Sensilift

You know the drill of a good skincare night routine and if you don’t, it’s never too late start — and that applies to both women and men! But what if you added a DIY facelift to that routine? You’d not only come out looking clean and fresh, but younger with less smile lines!

The Basics
Your night skincare regimen involves finding the products that suit your skin type and then applying them in order and habitually. There’s no excuse to go to bed with clogged pores (be it from sweat or makeup residue) after a busy day. You need a good cleanser to remove impurities, a skin toner, and a face cream that moisturizes your skin without leaving it too slick — especially if your skin type is oily.

Add to that a good facial scrub and face mask a few times a week. Ok, it’s not that simple, but those are the basics and today more and more women and men are investing the time and effort in looking their best. But, why should looking your best have to start and end with a sound night cleansing routine? Add a DIY facelift to the process and start peeling away the years!

There are many devices swearing to provide antiaging results be it via a facelift or wrinkle reduction. Most are done by professionals at beauty clinics. However, medical esthetics experts at Sensica have developed a non-invasive device called Sensilift for men and women. It comprises the technical abilities of salon treatments and packages them into a safe, handheld device designed for cost-effective, convenient, and time-saving use in the comfort of your own home. The device, which is based on unique Dynamic RF anti-aging technology, also provides a facial massage to reach wider and deeper skin layers concurrently. It reduces wrinkles and improves the skin’s appearance, texture, provides a feeling of firmness, and tightens it all up. No risk, no surgery!

How to Use Sensilift
Before you add Sensilift to your nightly beauty routine, test each area you are going to treat 48 hours before starting your first full treatment. If all goes well and there’s no reaction, plug it in and you’re on your way. Make sure your skin is dry and clean from creams and make up — which it should be if you’ve done your nightly beauty regimen correctly. Now apply a thin, even layer of Base Gel on treatment areas (crow’s feet; cheeks and around the mouth; chin & jawline; forehead; neck; Décolletage; and hands). Set the energy level (repeatedly press the RF button till you reach the desired level); press the massage button; and place the treatment fingers in full contact with your skin.

A blinking green light should turn steady after a few seconds and you’ll feel a warm sensation on your skin. Move the device over each treatment area in circular motions spending a full 5 minutes on each area (which should be the size of a business card) with a steady green light. Wipe off the Gel and apply Sensica’s “Age Defying” Cream for optimal results. Avoid treatment in the lower third of the neck, thyroid, eye cavities, nostrils and lips.

While you’ll immediately feel your skin lifted, smoother and tighter, you’ll need about 8 treatments to see and enjoy the full results!

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