The Season of Giving is Nearly Here!

If you want to avoid that last-minute rush, it’s time to start shopping for your Christmas gifts. Here are some cool ideas of what to give those special people in your life.

Hi-Tech Gifts

Who’s not into hi-tech these days? A bit of internet browsing will guide you through a world of state-of-the-art, must-have gadgets – be it the newest phones from Apple, Google or Samsung; Chromebooks or off-brand laptops; big-screen TVs like JVC’s 65-inch 4K HDR Smart TV; fitness trackers for the health conscious; or the latest IoT home device, such as the voice-controlled Echo Dot speaker (simply ask Alexa and she will answer questions, check the weather, play music, read the news, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices and more…). If you’re on a budget, check out the more affordable Alexa-compatible wall clock, reusable coffee cups (the latest cool trend), or another trending fad – record players.

Beauty? Beware!

Besides chocolates and scarves, everyone has at some time been the recipient of a beauty product gift. If you need a reminder of why this is not a great idea, just look at your bathroom shelf and the 20-odd bottles of body, hand or face creams you’ve stashed there but never used. That’s the problem with giving beauty products as gifts – unless you’re a prepubescent teenager who loves any beauty product or perfume that comes in a pretty box, most of us know the products and scents we love and use. The same applies for scented candles and bath products – smell is such a personal thing. So, here’s a rule of thumb to go by: if you don’t know their favorite brand, don’t buy it. If you’re set on giving a beauty gift, opt for something more generic, like a fluffy bathrobe.


We’ve mentioned the overwhelming demand for everything techy, so why not combine a hi-tech gift with a beauty one? Being time-poor, these days most of us welcome solutions that we can use at our own convenience; a way to pamper ourselves in the comfort of our own home, with no forward planning required and no downtime breaking into our hectic schedule. Sensica offers a range of FDA-cleared, cutting-edge beauty devices, all designed for home use. The range includes the Sensilight Mini – a hair removal device that uses proven Reactive Pulsed Light (RPL™) technology to disable hair re-growth at the root. It’s is a professional-grade, non-invasive, permanent and painless hair removal process. Another great gift idea is Sensilift – a super safe, non-invasive, skin rejuvenation device that uses a unique technology of Dynamic RF™ to reduce wrinkles, improve the skin’s texture and appearance and basically tighten it all up! Another option is the Sensimatch device, which offers three treatments including a pro-grade home pedicure and body peel, adapting to the body’s curves as it goes.

All Sensica’s devices are suitable for use by men and women. So, go on… give that special person a truly useful gift that boasts the latest tech, saves time and money, and makes them look and feel great, all season.

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