The Most Up-to-Date Advancements in RF Technology

Why would you want to spend a fortune on costly treatments at the dermatologist or beauty clinic, or even surgery? Today, you can give your skin better texture, while tightening up sagging and making it feel firmer, from home with the latest DIY devices.

What is RF?

Is your skin loose? Have you started to notice fine lines? RF is the solution. Through extensive research, skin specialists have developed RF (Radio Frequency) technology, used to tighten the skin and stimulate the production of subdermal collagen. By warming the tissue, flabby skin is reduced along with those lines that start to show as we age. The RF method encourages the renewal of tissue and production of collagen and elastin.

Collagen is an essential component and natural resource linked to skin tissue, with the ideal properties for tissue regeneration. That’s why it’s used so widely in the field of cosmetic surgery, particularly for fillers that combat wrinkles. When you think about what happens when you push down on your skin and it plumps back up to its original position, this is caused by elastin.


RF Devices

A variety of companies have manufactured RF skin-tightening devices as an alternative to ultrasound, laser resurfacing and other similar options. The drawback associated with these treatments is that they must be repeated, which means more expensive sessions at the dermatologist or professional clinic. The process requires spot-on care and precision, and mistakes can result in serious side-effects, such as scarring. So, you may well end up not only with the sagging and fine lines you were trying to remove but also additional blemishes.


Sensilift By Sensica

Sensica has taken the expert-grade technologies used by dermatologists and clinics and incorporated them into a product called Sensilift. This easy-to-use, ultra-safe, small device costs much less than repeat visits to the dermatologist or beauty clinic and can be used from home with the same amazing results. Sensica’s advanced and innovative devices are all patented and FDA-cleared, offering an effective solution for use at home. Sensilift’s painless, non-invasive, state-of-the-art RF anti-aging technology treats several layers of the skin simultaneously to improve the appearance of skin texture, offering a firmer and tighter feeling. It also provides a great facial massage.

In a study of 40 participants, 94% of were satisfied with the device after the first treatment. This process provides a less risky option compared to dangerous, painful and expensive cosmetic procedures.

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