The Latest Advances in RF Technology

Why fork out bucket loads of cash to benefit from advanced RF treatments at beauty clinics or dermatologists when you can do it at home yourself? Find out how…

What’s RF?
Radio Frequency (RF) technology is an aesthetic skin tightening technique that uses RF energy to stimulate subdermal collagen production and heat tissue to reduce the appearance of loose skin and fine lines. The technique encourages tissue remodeling as well as the production of new collagen and elastin. Collagen, one of the body’s key natural resources and a component of skin tissue, has the correct properties for tissue regeneration and is therefore widely used in cosmetic surgery as dermal fillers for treatment of wrinkles and skin aging. Elastin, on the other hand, is a highly elastic protein in connective tissue that allows many tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting. Elastin, for example, helps the skin return to its original position when poked or pinched.

RF Devices
Several dermatologists use skin tightening devices that use RF technology with different penetration depths as an alternative technique to Laser Resurfacing and certain Ultrasound options. Typically, RF treatments require repeated sessions at professional clinics or by dermatologists. However, several new techniques have overcome these obstacles.

Sensilift by Sensica
Sensica, a company founded by leading medical esthetics experts, has adapted professional grade technologies previously used in clinics for use in the comfort of one’s own home with the same remarkable results and without the high cost. Its unique line of patented innovative and advanced aesthetic solutions for home use includes the FDA-cleared SensiLift device, which is: extremely safe with a smart safety mechanism, easy to use, virtually painless, and time-saving — it takes just 5 minutes a week to see professional results!

The devise uses non-invasive Dynamic RF anti-aging technology that treats multiple skin layers simultaneously to reduce wrinkles by eliminating their depth and removes fine lines, improve the appearance of the skin’s texture, provide a feeling of firmness, and tighten the skin. Its many features include the fact that it offers proprietary patented RF technology that has the dual action of penetrating a wider area of the skin as well as providing the feeling of a spa massage.

In a study comprising 40 participants, 95 percent of users were satisfied with sensiLift after one treatment finding the device intuitive and easy to use. The process certainly provides a far less risky, painful, and expensive alternative to subjecting oneself to a facelift or other cosmetic surgeries!

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