Still Feeling Tired After a Full Night’s Sleep? Here’s Why

Research shows that when we sleep, toxins that can cause neurological diseases are cleared out from the brain. This is why after a good sleep you should wake up feeling as fresh as a daisy. If you aren’t getting those quality hours and feel groggy all day, here are several major reasons why.


Feeling drained and exhausted is so commonplace that it has an acronym — TATT “tired all the time.” Feeling tired sometimes is normal, and there are several possible underlying causes. The typical ones are late nights, long hours in the office, a baby keeping you awake during the night, etc. However, if you’re tired all the time and have been for a long time, ask yourself how it started, then go to your GP.

Lifestyle & Tiredness

Our always-on-the-go, 24/7 lifestyle these days will take its toll no matter how you try keep it together. Add to that too much caffeine, sugar, high-fat on-the-go snacks instead of sitting down to a decent healthy meal, not to mention excess alcohol consumption, and of course you’ll be exhausted. Too little or too much exercise can also make you feel as tired as if you’re working night shifts. And its worth noting that napping in the day may seem idyllic, but it can make it harder to sleep well at night.

Psychological Exhaustion

Our day-to-day lives can leave us feeling stressed, and all the more so if you’ve been through a life-changing event, like a relationship break-up, redundancy, house moving, bereavement or even getting married. These can all lead to insomnia or poor quality sleep, leaving you feeling tired during the day. Feeling low, sad or drained may be an indication of depression. If you’re a nervous, irritable, tired wreck, check that you don’t have a Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Take note that psychological exhaustion is even more widespread than physical fatigue.

Health Conditions

Some health conditions can cause fatigue. These include: underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), anemia, a mineral deficiency, being obese or overweight, being underweight, dehydration, cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy) and side-effects of some herbal remedies or from medication.


If you have been feeling drained for a month or more, but you can’t find a logical reason, seek medical attention.

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