Stay Warm, Look Cool: Packing For Your Winter Vacation

Planning your upcoming winter vacation? Well, there’s no need to get a headache over how to fit in with effortlessly chic-looking locals whilst not freezing to death. Here’s a check-list of how to pack light and right, with a sprinkling of some inspirational trends gleaned from the latest winter fashion shows that are practical for the colder months.

1. Don’t Forget the Basics

No matter where you’re headed you’ll need underwear so start there. Pack warm lightweight socks over bulky socks and also bring at least one long-sleeved thermal top and a pair of thermal leggings preferably by Patagonia or Icebreaker. FYI the secret trick to pulling off skinny jeans and boots in below freezing temperatures is donning an invisible layer of long underwear underneath!


2. Puffer Overcoats, Waxed Ski Jackets, & Patent Trench Coats

Puffer overcoats are back on the scene and will make any evening out in a LBD look great, whilst keeping you warm. Waxed ski jackets have also made their way down from the slopes to the runway and you can whip out your North Face or Roxy coats and style them with warm slacks preferably black as it teams with everything both night and day. Patent trenches and navy overcoats are also in and all are light to pack. Best rule of thumb is to pack your coat according to the coldest destination on your trip; choose a longer, slightly oversized coat that allows you to easily layer dress underneath; and if you’ll be mostly in freezing places, go for long down-filled coats.


3. Turtlenecks Under Dresses

Great to know that those lovely warm turtlenecks worn under dresses are in and will keep you snug. Especially teamed with the once-vilified leggings, which have made a huge comeback thanks to Céline stretchy pants proving it’s about time we embraced the cozy look. Leggings can also go with everything  and can even double up as PJs.
4. Best Foot First

Thankfully ‘90s inspired platform boots have returned to the scene and while they’d make the Spice Girls proud, they’ll also keep your feet high and dry better than flats or sneakers whilst stomping through slushy streets. Obviously, find a pair that’s also comfortable and easy to slip on for all the walking around we tend to do on winter vacations given that lounging by pools is out. You can also travel in your boots to take up less space in your carry-on.

5. Accessorize

Pack in hats (trooper Hats with furry ear flaps are in and a better than beanies), gloves, and scarves that are small and easy to fit in your bag. They’re also a great way to add color to an otherwise neutrals-heavy travel wardrobe. You can also throw in a bit of bling with a statement necklace to spice up evening wear.

After your clothes are chosen and packed away, don’t forget to toss in a travel sized bottle of lotion and chapstick before zipping up and taking off  Bon Voyage!

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