On-the-Road Beauty

You’re finally taking that well-deserved vacation or going on a business trip and probably have more to organize than time to do so.
However, in your bustle, make sure you don’t leave home without your “face!”

Face to Go
We’re not just talking about your makeup bag, that’s competing with your luggage in weight, but your daily skin care treatments. There’s more  your beauty regimen might not be enough or suitable for your destination. Before you set off, it may be worthwhile to do some online research or consult your skin specialist regarding what products to take with.

If you’re will be spending hours in the sky, it’s best not to clog your pores with make-up (who’ll see anyway) and make sure you have your moisturizer, cleanser, eye cream, hand cream, and lip balm within easy reach. These will help minimize the impact of dry, brittle air- if your hair always frizzes from airplane static, think what your pores are going through. Also if your skin is oily bring some wipes that absorb surplus shine. Don’t forget to follow airport quantity limits for liquids and creams to avoid the horror of seeing your expensive products confiscated and tossed in the trash.

What’s the Weather?
If you’re heading to one of the worlds’ hottest destinations, for example, and don’t sufficiently protect your skin, you may return with an enviable tan, but also long-term skin damage. Make sure you have products with a top-grade protection factor and that supply extra moisture.

The same goes for a ski vacation or other destinations where you’ll be exposed to extreme temperatures (heading for the great outdoors, hitting the open seas, etc.). If you’re off to Mount Everest, a quick glance at pictures of the greatest female mountaineers will convince you that you need to pack skin products that can combat harsh, dry, and extremely cold weather conditions.

Beauty Sleep
No matter how frenzied your adventure or trip- 
all-night beach parties, a crazy work schedule including mandatory late-night dinners with clients- you still need rest. It’s not called “beauty sleep” for nothing; besides, you don’t want come back looking like you’ve aged 50 years and, instead of great memories, the feeling that you needed a vacation!

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