Move over ‘Anti-aging’; Welcome ‘Longevity’

Today, cutting-edge research on aging is giving us an insight into the science behind a healthier, longer life. The secret lies within the precise source of the vitality, and decline, of our cells – it’s time to get to know your telomeres and mitochondria!

There’s more to aging than what we see on the outside – and it’s not all about vanity. It’s one thing to struggle with wrinkles and fine lines as signs of aging, but what about our actual ’health span’?

Tell-tale telomeres

Telomeres are tiny composites located on the ends of our DNA strands. Long telomeres are linked to longer life spans, while short telomeres are linked to shorter life spans. If your telomeres become shorter, it could be an indicator for aging-related disease, aging and mortality.

But, according to pioneering research by biologist and Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD, and author and psychiatrist, Elissa Epel, PhD, it seems that telomeres can actually be changed, decelerating the aging process and effectively helping you turn back time.

Mighty mitochondria

Mitochondria are known as your cells’ battery pack. These tiny organelles are vital for the cell to live. Besides supplying cells with energy, mitochondria are also responsible for cell death and preserving control of the cell cycle and cell growth.

Mitochondria have been connected to numerous diseases, such as cardiac dysfunction, autism and heart failure. Tech entrepreneur and Silicon Valley financier, Dave Asprey, has spent 20 years and more than $1 million hacking his own biology, managing, among other things, to raise his own IQ by 20 points. In his book Headstrong, Asprey writes that stronger mitochondria means stronger bodies and stronger brains. He also holds that producing new mitochondria is vital for energetic aging. So, it seems this is another key to longevity.

Outward signs of aging

As science seeks out ways to help us live longer from the inside, it would look as youthful on the outside. Sensilift™ from Sensica is a DIY device that visibly reduces wrinkles, providing a facial massage that reaches deep into the layers of the skin, improving skin texture and appearance, and basically tightening it all up. It can be used for years, saving time and money spent on visits to clinics or salons, and is a sound alternative for those who don’t want invasive skin treatments or surgery. By helping your skin ageless obviously and aggressively, SensiLift™ is the perfect complement to the new science in longevity.

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