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By Ivy Phillips

With every day that passes the beauty industry is coming up with more and more advanced technological solutions to combat the tell-tale effects of aging. As you walk into your spa or cosmetician you see all types of equipment intended to take the place of the surgeon’s knife while providing non-invasive treatment to shed the years.

I would love to enjoy the expensive yet highly effective technology available at my cosmetician but unfortunately both the commitment of time and finances is kind of prohibitive. I was determined not to be left out and I was determined to get the same effect in the comfort of my own home and at a price I could afford!

Being the type of person I am, I did extensive research before I leapt into purchasing my own home facial firming device. I set up a spreadsheet with all the questions I had about this type of equipment. This included the type of technology used, size, portability, price, warranty and other questions I had, but of course, I placed (as I always do) a great deal of emphasis on reviews.

After consulting with professionals in the field, I ruled out most of the home use technologies available such as LED, microwave and others. I based this decision on their minimal effect and the fact that they are inferior in relation to the RF (Radiofrequency) technology which was recommended to me by these professionals. One device stood out from all the others in relation to all of the above and more.

Sensilift – A cutting edge device for home-use which offers a medi-cosmetic treatment for firming facial skin and reducing wrinkles using artificial intelligence (AI).

According to Sensica, it’s the only home facial device which uses DRF (Dynamic Radiofrequency) technology. Naturally, I had questions about this type of technology and by delving into the extensive information on their website, I was convinced that as they said –  “The Secret is in the Movement!”

The attractive, white, handheld device with bronze touches contains unique DRF therapy (Dynamic Radiofrequency), also called dynamic radiofrequency skin tightening. According to Sensica, DRF, their own patented technology, is more effective than static RF technology, (available in other devices).

When combined with accurate temperature measurement provided by the skin sensors at the top of the electrodes, this device is capable of providing customized non-surgical, non-ablative skin rejuvenation through enhancing micronutrients to the cells to better encourage collagen production over a larger area.


Want to be the first to enjoy the groundbreaking wrinkle reduction device?Ask us about our Free Trial Leave your details here  and we will call you>>


    So, the benefits of combining this unique DRF technology with facial massage provides amazing results. Best of all… unlike other handheld devices which demand a daily commitment, Sensilift requires ONLY 5 minutes of my time, per week! Following is a summary of some of my thought processes when deciding to buy this device over all the other great looking devices available today.

    Is it safe to use?
    This should be your first question when choosing any device you are putting directly on your body.  The device’s patented double-safety sensors constantly analyze the skin’s temperature so that the level of heat is always safe.

    Is it suitable for my skin type?
    This cutting-edge technology with built-in sensors provides instant feedback of exact skin temperature & accurately measures heat, allowing for a customized, tailor-made treatment, maximizing effectiveness for each individual user.

    Is it going to make me feel good or will it be sent to the cemetery of unused creams, treatments and devices?
    Thanks to the massage function of Sensilift, the heat is evenly distributed and the feeling is sublime. I can only describe it as the feeling you get from a hot stone massage.

    Will it break the bank?
    I did the math, and it saves money in the long run. This is a one-time investment, no need to purchase over & over like other treatments and it can be used for a lifetime.

    Is it convenient to use?
    There’s nothing worse than spending your money on equipment that you never use because it’s tiresome or too time consuming! It can be used in the privacy of your own home for just 5 minutes per week! Even my busy schedule allows for that. Having ticked all the boxes in my requirements list…

    I was ready to try it!
    I saw immediate results after the first treatment! That was what they claimed would happen but I have to admit to having been somewhat skeptical! I was delighted to be proven wrong. After completing 8 treatments, there was a marked improvement in the overall appearance of my skin.

    I was elated!
    Silly me… I forgot to take before and after photos so this is a reminder to all of you. **Remember to take ‘before and after’ photos!**🤳. In my opinion, Sensilift developed by Sensica, is at the top of the pyramid of handheld facial massage devices.
    Only Sensilift has DRF technology and this was a big part of my decision process.

    Want to be the first to enjoy the groundbreaking wrinkle reduction device?Ask us about our Free Trial Leave your details here  and we will call you>>

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