It’s Never Too Early to Start Protecting the Collagen in Your Skin

Once you hit your thirties there’s a whole new set of beauty rules for your skin thanks to the fact that it gets more sensitive, your collagen production slows down, and you have a whole new surge of hormones. That’s why it’s never too early to start investing in your skincare regime and especially protecting the collagen in your skin.

What’s Collagen?
Although you can’t see it, collagen is the kernel of a healthy skin. This most profuse protein in our bodies, collagen comprises about 75-80% of our dermis. The protein helps give our skin elasticity and strength, makes the complexion firm, plump and youthful, and plays an essential role in replacing dead skin cells. Think of collagen fibers as a bunch of columns standing closely together holding up the top most layer of the skin.

Why Kick-Off Protecting Collagen Early?
When you’re young and healthy, these collagen columns are strong and straight giving your skin a smooth appearance. When you pinch your cheeks they feel full and malleable. Also, at this stage of your life, your skin repairs itself constantly producing new collagen. When the aging process kicks in, the skin is more prone to permanent damage and protecting your collagen levels from an early stage is extremely important especially to avoid premature aging. Basically, the earlier you start protecting collagen, the better off your skin will be in the long-run.

What’s Damaging Your Collagen?
As you age, environmental factors start having an increased impact on your skin’s health. These factors include UV rays, pollution, smoking, and stress that all cause the production of free radicals in your skin. Free radicals begin to break down collagen fibers causing your skin to become thin. Eventually, the skin cells that make new collagen, stop production as quickly as before and you begin to see sag and wrinkles. Again, you can preserve your skin and care for your collagen by changing your lifestyle: don’t drink excessively, quit smoking if you do, adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, get plenty of rest, practice ways to destress, and take up a collagen-rich diet. You can fight the damage!

Steps to Take
To delay the aging process, there are certain steps one can take and as soon as you start taking them, the better. To combat the free radicals caused by pollution, you can start using products that contain antioxidants. Using a strong sun protection factor on a daily basis is a MUST to avoid sun damage. As far as following a balanced diet, which goes without saying, consume more greens and less sugars and caffeine! Sugars escalate the effects of ageing, activate inflammation and bind to the collagen making the skin rough. You can also use a topical retinol cream (high in vitamin A), which helps optimize skin turnover and collagen production.

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It’s never too late to start caring for your skin and treating it, and its collagen, the way they deserve to be treated!

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