In the Headlines – Eyelash Trends

This year, eyelashes are the biggest surprise beauty trend – the longer and more stylish they are, the better. We’re talking everything from eyelash extensions to adornments like fuzzy pompoms. Some are subtle enough to add a hint of pizazz to your appearance, while others are so weird and garish that they’re best left for the fashion runways!

Lush and Long

Eyelashes are this year’s most popular beauty trend. Pinterest shows that searches for “lashes” hiked 125% in the last 12 months alone. The aim is for lashes to be long, thick and absolutely impossible to ignore.

Fake It

If you want to get up to speed on the latest lash trends, it’s no longer enough to get your hands on volumizing mascara and layer it on as thick as possible. You need to take your lashes to the next level, adding both volume and length. Fake eyelashes are all the rage, but it sometimes feels like you need a degree to apply them right! Magnetic lashes can be layered over your natural lash line – top or lower – in a cinch. The magnets are tiny and avoid the use of glue, and potentially allergenic latex.

Bling is In

Eyelash jewelry involves adding diamonds and gems to your lashes or wearing jewelry-encrusted falsies. We’ve even seen pompom eyelashes or extensions with summer icons on them (rainbow-hued unicorns, colored beads, popsicles, and even gumball puffs and feathers). But, be warned: just because it’s in, doesn’t mean it’s for you – even if you want to stand out at your work Christmas party! Going over the top with the bling and glitz can result in a disastrously gaudy look, especially if you add dramatic colors to your lids.  It’s best not to get carried away – you can’t go wrong if you stick to a touch of glitter-infused mascara.

Mermaid Lashes

The mermaid and unicorn trend is no longer reserved only for the tresses, but can now be seen bringing color to lashes too, in the form of extensions with a cool color twist. Some of the lashes match your natural color, while others are blue, purple, or whatever color you choose. This look adds a dash of va-va-voom, without making you look crazy.

Neon Lashes

If you love neon shades, they’re having their big moment right now — both in garments and in makeup. Neon eyelashes (which were all over the catwalk in orange, yellow, and purple), are a great way to try out these bright colors. Achieve the look with neon mascara or falsies. You can tone things down by adding just a dash to the top lashes, leaving the lower ones bare.

Black mascara is no longer a staple – this season, it’s all about letting your lashes make a lasting impression!

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