How to Prep Your Face for a Dry Winter Skin

Winter is around the corner, and let’s face the facts —it’s not good for your skin. Dry air, harsh winds, and cold temperatures simply deplete the skin of its natural oils, leaving it parched. Add to that the stress of the holidays, changes in routine, eating a lot more fat and sugar than usual (the more, the merrier attitude), and a lack of sunlight can cause breakouts, tightness (not the facelift type, sorry), and a dull complexion.

Pre-Winter Tips to Prep Your Skin
By making some changes to your daily summer face care routine, you can play an active role in lessening the blow of the effects of winter.

1. Protect
First and foremost, don’t be duped by the less sunny appearance of winter days. Those damaging UV rays are still out there and you need to protect your face with an approved sunscreen.

2. Cleanse
In summer we’re dead set on cleansing our face after a day of sweating it out in the sun and praying that our pores aren’t clogged up beyond repair ready to delight us with a breakout the next morning. However, in winter, cleansers can dry the skin out by stripping it of natural oils, and eventually, cause more wrinkles and visible lines. Yup, your cleanser could be aging your skin, so choose one for winter that is super nourishing.

3. Exfoliate
To get rid of dry flaky skin, it’s a good idea to use a facial scrub several times a week. Exfoliating brings back that youthful glow often lost during the winter months.

4. Moisturize
Your skin is going to need a lot more moisture more often. Switch your facial moisturizing lotion for a cream and use a moisturizing face mask several times a week to up your skin’s moisture content.

5. Shorten your Showers
Yes, it’s freezing and you’re dying for a hot shower, but this also drains the skin of its natural oils. Balance your showers with a few indulgent hot ones once or twice a week and take lukewarm showers or baths the rest of the time. Pat your skin dry and apply moisturizer liberally.

6. Eat right — At least Most of the Time!
Yes, Xmas and New Year’s Eve are a time to celebrate and dig in at family meals, but upping your sugar and carbohydrate intake can lead to more acne breakouts. Indulge in the holidays, but avoid sugar and carbs on regular days.

Winter weather and holiday stress can take a toll on skin as can using every festive occasion as an excuse to indulge on fatty, skin damaging foods. Keep your face out of the winter, and most importantly, keep your face and lips constantly moisturized — especially in the lead-up to winter!

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