How to Care for Your False Eyelashes

Lauded by some as the greatest invention in the beauty industry, false eyelashes make your eyes vividly more stunning. They make them look bigger, brighter, and are perfect for adding a bit of glitz and glamour on special occasions or even just for daily wear.

Depending how often you wear them, falsies don’t have to be for one-time use. Yes, they’re one of those beauty products that ware out easily, but if you look after them properly they’ll go the extra mile. Here are the basics of caring for your beloved fake accessory.

1. Remove with Care
Removing falsies with eyelash curlers or tweezers can ruin them. Just use the pads of your fingers — don’t pick them off with your fingernails. Gently, yet firmly, grasp the edge of the false lashes between your thumb and forefinger and peel the band inwards. The same goes for removing individual lash clusters, which you should never yank off all at once, but one by one.

2. Go Glue Go
To remove the dried lash glue you can now whip out the tweezers. In one hand hold the lashes gently, but firmly, between forefinger and thumb. With the other hand, use tweezers to pull the glue from the falsies. You can also just remove the glue with your hands. The same applies to clusters.

3. Clean It!
Just as you clean your face, you have to clean your falsies too. Place the lashes on a tissue and lightly hold the band with your finger so it doesn’t move around. Dip a cotton swab into an oil-free makeup remover, squeezing out the excess, and gently rub it on your falsies. When no more mascara remains on them, they’re clean. Never soak them in water or in makeup remover.

4. Store Correctly
After you remove the glue and clean your falsies, store them in their original case to keep their shape till you use them again. If you’ve lost the case, you can buy one from a makeup store. Also, keep them out of direct sunlight so that the color of the hair doesn’t change.

Keep these tips in mind and your falsies will last for years and you’ll save money! Also, to make sure they last long, don’t stint on your first pair — buy quality lashes that don’t wear out fast and, especially important, that look natural —you don’t want to look like you’re trying out for a part in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert!

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