Fun & Useful Spring Activities

Winter is melting away and spring is upon us with its glorious display of flowers, clearer skies above, and more tolerable weather. Whether you’re an indoors type or prefer to head outdoors for some fresh air, here are some fun ideas before summer arrives.

Spring Clean

Named appropriately, this is a great time to do some sorting that you’ve put off all winter. Be honest about what you really use and things that are just gathering dust. Think of it this way  getting rid of clothes and shoes you haven’t worn for over a year or are beyond repair, makes room for new ones. Add some spring/summer statement pieces that are within your budget.

1.We know you dread it, but this is also a perfect time to declutter your kids’ closets as they’re constantly growing out of their clothes, staining them, or ripping them. Clothes hardly worn can hand go to your smaller offspring or given to the needy. Also sort through toys, games with missing parts, and teddy bears they no longer play with.

2.Not much to say about single socks other than the chances of finding their matching pair after two weeks are slim. As for old towels, why not give them to an animal shelter?

3.Check expiration dates of sunscreen and makeup and dispose of anything expired. Hair care products last up to about 3 years, eye-shadow up to 2 years, lipstick and gloss up to 1 year, and mascara has a 3-month shelf-life once opened. So, declutter your makeup bag. Also, when nail polish begins to separate, it’s time to toss it. 

4. A few tips to make sorting out the rest of the house easier:

·If something has freezer burn, out with the trash — the same goes for anything not labeled or dated. Also check your spices — they have expiration dates too.

·All those food storage containers? They’re useless without a lid that fits, if they’re cracked, warped, or stained. We also know you love to collect plastic bags and paper shopping bags, but once it starts to look like an obsession, pop them in a recycle bin.

·Dump broken appliances, TV’s, and laptops that you had good intentions of fixing years ago as well as unrecognizable electronic-device cords.

·Let’s face it, VHS is never coming back and while DVD’s still have some use, ditch movies you never liked.

·That huge pile of instruction manuals can go after initial set up. Also, ditch old calendars (even if they featured great photography), birthday/thank-you cards, old dried-up craft supplies, and expired car seats!

· Receipts? Keep the ones you need for tax or other purposes. Today, most can be requested via email. If you’re not sure, snap a pic on your phone and save it.

Head for the Outdoors

You’ve probably been hibernating like a bear all winter, but now you can take full advantage of the fresh air. A few ideas to get you off the couch:

·Bake pastries and have breakfast outside.

· Chill out in a hammock with a new magazine or great book.

·Start an herb garden, which should flourish by summer.

·Throw a rooftop party, attend a music festival, or go to a local fair and ride the Ferris wheel.

·Play mini-golf, go to a baseball game, fly a kite, or be daring and ride in a hot-air balloon.

·Head for the park with friends with a picnic hamper  don’t forget delicious seasonal fruits.

·Ride your bike, go for a jog or long walk stopping to pick strawberries or wild flowers, or rent a scooter and explore a new city — include a wine tour while you’re about it.

·Lie on your back and look up at the sky during the day or stargaze at night, maybe take up birdwatching.

· Meditate in a quiet and peaceful place outside.

·Grab a blanket for chilly evenings and watch the sun go down.

·Apply your talents and paint a flowery scene.

· Go wild and dance in the rain during April showers.

· Last, but not least, give someone you love a bouquet of spring flowers!

Don’t take the lovely weather and pretty scenery for granted —do something creative and fun

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