Caring For Your Lashes

William Shakespeare once said “the eyes are the window to your soul.” Some joke that this makes your eyelashes the curtains. However, if your sensitive lashes are healthy, they can make your eyes look bright, clear, and inviting. Alternatively, if they’re not maintained, you’ll end up looking tired and dull and your soul will probably feel the effects. Here are some tips on how to take care of your eye lashes.

Use a Clean Mascara Brush
It’s no secret that mascara is magic as it opens up the eyes and defines the lashes, but when caring for those lashes, hygiene is king. Mascara can be a breeding ground for bacteria if not replaced every 3 months. If you don’t you’ll risk clumpy mascara and an eye infection.

Take a Break
If you do wear mascara daily, give your eye lashes a break by going for a no makeup look every now and then. You may scream “No!” but your lashes will thank you for giving them time to breathe. Mascaras are full of chemicals and dye that might restrict the natural growth of your luscious lashes.

Makeup Removal
Never forget to remove your mascara at night. Sleeping with mascara on can lead to an eye infection as you’ll probably rub it into your eyes. Moreover, just like the hairs on your scalp, if you don’t care for them, eye lashes can dry up, become brittle, break and you’ll end up with weak lashes that will start to fall out. Using a face wash isn’t enough — battle waterproof mascara with an eye make-up remover and a cotton ball — no tugging!

Conditioning Treatments
Another trick to have full lashes is to apply conditioning treatments like petroleum jelly, castor oil, or coconut oil to your lashes before sleeping and just rinse it off in the morning. Either apply it with a clean mascara wand or a cotton ball. You’ll see the results in 2-3 months.

Stop Rubbing
Unless you want to ruin your eye makeup and look like a raccoon, don’t rub your eyes in public. However, even at home, rubbing your eyes is a big no as you could push in unwanted dirt, cause an eye infection, and damage your sensitive lash area.

Eat Vitamin Rich Food
Vitamins C, D, E and H are extremely good for keeping eye lashes looking full and healthy. Vit C, found in fruits, helps your body absorb iron, which is great for boosting normal hair growth. Vit D, found in fish, cheese and fortified cereals, reduces hair loss by strengthening the hair follicle. Besides its age-defying properties, Vit E also boosts hair growth. Lastly, Vit H, found in mushrooms and whole grains, helps rebuild dry and splitting hair and revives lashes to their healthy fullness.

No matter how small your lashes are, they have an impact on your looks. Achieving strong, full and long lashes usually means your soul is happy and healthy too!

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