AHA/BHA Acids for Your Beauty Routine

Our skin naturally sheds profuse amounts of dead skin cells daily — it is even said that household dust comprises about 90% of dead skin cells (gross!). However, as we age, this shedding process slows, or comes to a screeching halt causing a less than desirable visage! By tenderly removing the buildup of dead surface skin, you can reveal the gorgeous, soft, hydrated skin of your youth hiding just beneath it. That’s what AHA and BHA exfoliants achieve!

What are AHAs & BHAs?
Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are derived from natural substances, such as milk, grapes, sugar cane, etc. They melt the intercellular glue that holds skin cells together. They are also used as exfoliants for sun-damaged and dry skin and to improve moisture content. AHAs don’t penetrate as deeply as Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) and the effects are felt on the skin surface, but they are great for rejuvenating aging skin.

BHAs are oil-loving acids and therefore preferred for oily, acne-prone skin. BHAs can penetrate the oil that clogs pores and helps normalize the lining of the pores that contribute to acne. They also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. AHAs and BHAs can be used together in your beauty routine, but preferably one in the morning and the other at night to prevent irritation.

AHA & BHA Exfoliants
The skin shedding process slows or stops due to factors like sun damage, dry skin, oily skin, genetics, or skin disorders — going through mid-life changes doesn’t help much either. The results is dull, dry or flaky skin; clogged, enlarged pores and blemishes; as well as loss of firmness, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. In a nutshell, without natural exfoliation, our skin begins to look much older, much faster!

AHA and BHA exfoliants both work to reveal smooth, radiant, hydrated, youthful-looking skin. They do this by ungluing the sticky bonds holding the dead skin on the surface. Once the bonds are gently ‘unglued,’ the skin sheds naturally and invisibly — thankfully you won’t actually see your skin shedding like some reptilic human in a sci-fi flick, but will quickly see the smoother, younger-looking skin beneath.

So, if it doesn’t work naturally, do it yourself! Sensica is all into DIY beauty routines and its FDA-cleared range of products are specifically designed to fill the need in the market for safe, effective, time-saving, and cost-efficient solutions that can be used from the comfort of one’s own home with the same excellent results of visiting a professional salon or specialist. Sensilift, for example, uses state-of-the-art, non-invasive and painless RF anti-aging technology that treats several skin layers to improve the appearance of the skin’s texture, provide a feeling of firmness, and to tighten up sagging. It also gives the bonus of a facial massage.

So, using your Sensilift for the effect of a facelift and massage and exfoliating regularly, will peel the years away!

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