6 Steps to Fab Feet

While our feet aren’t always visible, especially during winter where they’re tucked away snugly in boots, treating and pampering them is as important to feeling great and relaxed.
Here’s a simple guide to doing your own home pedicure without splurging on an expensive salon.

1. Soak it Up

Prepare feet by removing old nail polish and then soaking them for 10 minutes in a tub of warm water to which you’ve added a salt-based foot soak.
The salt not only helps soften skin and cuticles, which will help you remove dead skin later, but helps soothe tired feet.
Pat dry and massage a handful of an oil-based scrub onto the skin to exfoliate dead, dry cells. 

2. Trim ‘n File

Now that your toenails are also soft, trim them straight across with straight-edge clipper so they’re about even with the top of your toes, but not too short.
Use a fine-grit emery board to round the outer edges.

3. Away With the Rough

It’s time to tackle those callused areas by rubbing them over with a pumice stone or medium- grit dry foot file and then massaging on a thick exfoliating scrub to remove remaining dead skin.
Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

4. Get Silky Smooth

Rub a rich moisturizing cream on the top and bottom of your feet — don’t forget your heels and cuticles.

5. The Perfect Finish

Wipe off any oil left on your nails with polish remover. Then wind tissues between the toes and apply a base coat. Next, choose a polish and brush starting in the middle of your nail at the cuticle line and pulling it toward the tip. Repeat on the sides adding more polish if needed. Finish with a top coat to prevent chipping and to leave nails with a perfect sheen. Let them dry — it takes time.

6. The sensiMatch Way

Another option is to invest in a sensiMatch, the ultimate home-pedicure device by Sensica and the only device that adapts to your body curves via its unique Adapt2U technology. The device will give you beautiful feet, silky smooth skin, and even a satisfying massage — in other words  a safe pedicure, the ability to remove dead skin, treatment of ingrown hairs, and a mini massage in the comfort of your own home. The device comes with a range of flexible, snap-on pads that constantly adjust to the shape of the treated area and provide different grades of peeling. These include the gentle peeling pad Adapt2U Peel, which is also ideal for delicate and safe exfoliation of dry skin cells from almost every area of your body such as knees and elbows; the coarse peeling pad Adapt2U Peel; Adapt2U Feet — Gentle Pedicure Pad; Adapt2U Feet – Coarse Pedicure Pad; and the Adapt2U Motion — the ultimate pampering massage pad for a totally relaxing body massage that stimulates blood flow and tightens your skin. The set also comes with two pads for hair removal.

One’s feet bear the weight of our bodies and work hard. Don’t forget them and in summer they’ll be perfect and ready to slip into those stylish strappy sandals!

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