3 Luxurious DIY Hair Masks

Making your own hair mask is not only cheap compared to splurging on some expensive products or a trip to a hair salon, but also very easy — all you need are a few simple kitchen ingredients to make all-natural and organic masks that nourish and provide the scalp and roots with the vitality they need. Here is a roundup of some of the best homemade hair mask recipes:

1. Nourishing Egg Hair Mask
This DIY hair mask is based on eggs, which are packed with many nutrients. In fact, the protein alone in eggs is the highest quality found in any food.


·         1 egg (2 eggs for long or thick hair)
·         1 cup of milk (for shoulder-length hair use 1/4 or 1/2 cup)
·         1 squeeze of lemon (use a 1:2 of lemon juice to egg yolk ratio)
·         2 tsps. or 2 Tbsps. olive oil


1.   For oily hair, use egg whites; for dry hair, use the egg yolk; for normal hair, use the whole egg. Place whichever part you are using in a clean bowl and discard the rest.
2.   Beat the egg. For steps 2-4, mix the mask by whisking with an egg beater.
3.   Add the milk and olive oil to the gooey egg mixture. Mix well.
4.   Add a squeeze of a lemon to give your scalp a refreshed feeling. Mix well.
5.   Massage the mix into your scalp, working from the roots to the hair ends, and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Stand in the shower or over a sink as this mask is drippy. Cover your hair with a disposable plastic shower cap.
6.   Thoroughly rinse the mixture out of your hair with lukewarm or cold water — hot water will cook the egg leaving bits stuck around your hair strands. Be sure to tackle all areas of your scalp and rinse as many times as necessary.
7.   Use an organic fruit shampoo for a final cleanse and to get rid of the egg smell.
8.   Do the egg mask at least once a month — it’s worth it for beautiful hair.  

2. Amazing Yogurt Hair Mask


·         1/2 cup (or less, depending on hair length/volume) of plain, probiotic natural yogurt (not sweetened or flavored)
·         1 tsp. apple cider vinegar
·         1 tsp. honey


1.      Mix yogurt, apple cider vinegar, and honey in a bowl.
2.      Apply mixture to the scalp, working from the roots to the hair ends.
3.      Let it sit for at least 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
4.      Wash again with an organic fruit shampoo to get rid of any lingering yogurt smell.

3. Creamy Avo Hair Mask

Beauty treatments have been using avocados for ages because of their hydrating and nourishing effect and because they are rich in very powerful anti-oxidants. This homemade avo hair mask is perfect for revitalizing dry or brittle hair, as avo also contains moisturizing properties.


·         1 small ripe avocado that can easily be mashed and finely blended
·         1 Tbsp. olive or almond oil
·         1/4 cup of milk


1.      Blend the avo chunks until you get a very smooth, lump-free puree.
2.      Add the milk a little at a time until the avo mix reaches a conditioner-like consistency. Add your choice of oil. Mix very well.
3.      Apply the mixture to your hair, from the roots to the very ends.
4.      Cover with the plastic shower cap and wait for at least 15 minutes.
5.      Rinse well with warm water. Use your fingers to remove all avocado residue while rinsing. No need even for conditioner!

We hope you enjoy these home pampering tips and turn heads when you’re out and about!

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