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Beyond a device – the best hair removal treatment

it took us 99 attempts before we finally invented the Sensilight Pro—a hair removal device that stands out as the easiest and most efficient. Clinically proven, it ensures long-lasting hair-free skin.

See a quick experiment showcasing how Sensilight Pro works inside the hair follicle, not just on the outside!

  • 98% of users noticed a significant reduction in hair loss
  • 96% of users stated that the treatment was pain free
  • 87% of users Noticed reduced body and facial hair even after six months

See sensilight pro in action

Hair-free perfection in weeks


Discover Sensilight Pro


Sensilght's Pro unique edge

Two step safety system

Advanced precision technology

Personalized treatment

Just 5-15 minutes a week

Non invasive & painless

Clinically proven


When will I start seeing results?

1-4 weeks
5-8 weeks
8-12 weeks
1-4 weeks
5-8 weeks
8-12 weeks

Sensilift compared to

Other devices

is it right for me?

Is it a good fit for me?

Due to RPL™ technology, Sensilight PRO isn’t suitable for very dark or light skin tones and hair colors.
Check your tones against the Fitzpatrick Scale before you get the Sensilight Pro

Skin Colour

Hair Colour

what makes us special

Sensilight Pro compared to other devices

what's the word on the street

What our clients had to say

Have been using this device for a couple of months , it’s very comfortable to use and lasts for a lot of flashes between charges. I can see the results after a few treatments already. It motivates me to keep up!


Beautifully packaged, works to reduce hair growth over time. This is one of the nicest hair removal devices I have used. I love that it has unlimited flashes


I bought this for my son really. We’ve done two all-over sessions with it so far and already seen a difference in diminished regrowth. Already his confidence is growing and you can’t put a price on that


Recommended!. After I used it, I can see my hair grow much slower in 2 weeks. I did my second time exactly after 2 weeks as instructed


This is amazing anti-aging skin tightening device. You have to he consistent and use it frequently to see results. I massage it over my face or any other part that you want to see improvement and it feels so smooth after. Very easy to use, great product!


I am 48 years old and my frown lines and smile lines have been bothering me for several years. With Sensilift they have practically disappeared after a few applications. The application is pleasantly warm and relaxing at the same time. My skin appears rosier and feels softer.


I purchased this product around 3 months ago & my results are amazing! I only like things that do what they say on the tin! Believe me this works I had a really crepey neck & it’s totally sorted it! My face has also started to smooth out too!


Achieve Smooth Skin in Weeks

Achieve Smooth Skin in Weeks


Sensilight Pro Q&A

Unlike lasers pinpointing small areas with pure light beams, Sensilight Pro covers larger areas with multiple weaker lightwaves, providing a safer, pain-free treatment without compromising results.

Visible results may take 2-3 treatments. Hair will gradually fall out during the full treatment protocol. The timing varies based on factors like age, hair color, and the treatment stage.

Avoid using Sensilight directly on tattooed skin, moles, freckles, or beauty marks.

Sensilight (all devices) can be used only from the cheekbones down and cannot be used in the nose, over the lips or on/in the ears.

In this link you can register for our 1 year warranty.

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