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Innovative double safety mechanism


RPL™ technology - the most advanced technology for home use


Clinically proven technology


Spa results. Targets the hair root to gradually decrease hair growth


15 minutes to treat lower legs


A skin tone detection

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Life can be hectic. You can’t always find time for a beauty appointment. Sometimes you don’t even know when you’ll be home. But you still want to stick to your beauty regime, including removing unwanted facial and body hair.

Well, now you can, thanks to Sensilight PRO – a clinically-proven personal-use device that gives you permanent hair reduction on your face and body without tricky shaving, messy waxing, or painful exfoliating. The cordless design gives you full freedom of movement, even enabling you to carry out treatments on the go. And, with up to 600 flashes between charges, you can keep going for longer, achieving remarkable results that last a lifetime.

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Created to give you the same results as you’d get in a professional spa, and clinically proven for at-home use, the Reactive Pulse Light (RPL™) technology inside every Sensilight PRO has been designed with both effectiveness and safety in mind. Thanks to a unique energy recommendation button, the device identifies the most suitable energy level for your specific skin, while built-in sensors ensure that the device only works on suitable skin tones, so you can carry out every treatment with complete confidence.

For ultimate accuracy, the device offers two treatment options. The 4.5cm2 window is suitable for use on large areas of the body, such as legs and arms. For small areas, like the upper lip, chin, and jawline, a 2cm2 wide precision tip attachment with an integrated UV filter has been specially designed to deliver gentle and precise treatment.


Smooth skin anywhere, anytime

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Target hair at the source and enjoy smooth silky skin

Welcome to the most advanced, professional hair reduction system for home use. Sensilight PRO is the next generation of IPL technology commonly used in clinics today.

RPL™ technology – Reactive Pulsed Light technology

Sensica takes the widely-known professional IPL technology one step further, using unique sensors that constantly react to your skin’s specific needs with every single flash, ensuring a safe, fast and effective treatment.

Double safety mechanism

The skin tone sensor evaluates the tone and condition of the skin at the beginning of each session and during treatment, if it detects a skin tone that is too dark will automatically deactivate the flash.
The contact sensor ensures full contact between the device and skin. In case of a break in contact, it will automatically deactivate the flash trigger.

Product features:

  • Skin tone detection button – Identifies the best energy settings for your skin tone
  • Cordless – Enjoy the freedom of movement
  • 600 flashes between charges – So you can keep going for longer
  • Automatic gliding mode – Treat larger areas without holding down the trigger
  • Large treatment window (4.5cm2) – The largest available today, for faster treatments on larger areas
  • Small treatment window (2cm2) – Especially designed for small areas like the upper lip, chin, and jawline
  • 6 adjustable energy settings – Ensures gentle and effective treatment on every skin tone
  • High performance lamp – An integrated quartz lamp delivers unlimited flashes, covered by a lifetime warranty.

When it comes to hair removal, the only way to get truly long-lasting results is to disable hair regrowth from the source. Based on the kind of IPL technology commonly used in clinics today, Sensilight PRO emits a flash of light with each press of the trigger button, targeting the melanin in the hair shaft. The heat of the absorbed light then dissipates into the follicle, generating a thermal effect which causes a long-term reduction in hair growth.

At Sensica, we’ve gone a step further than traditional IPL. The ‘reactive’ element of our RPL™ (Reactive Pulsed Light) technology makes the treatment safer and more comfortable. Unique sensors in the Sensilight PRO continuously react to your skin tone and condition, with every single flash of light. If the sensors detect that the skin in the treatment area is too dark, or that contact between the device and the skin has been broken, no flash will be emitted.

Sensilight PRO has two modes of operation: use pulse for small areas, to deliver one pulse of light with every press of the trigger; for larger areas, like legs or back, use glide for continuous pulses as you move the device around the treatment area. It takes just 5 minutes to treat your arms, with real results achieved after just four sessions, so you’ll soon be on your way to eliminating unwanted hair growth once and for all, leaving you feeling light, confident and free.

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Real User

Sharon M
Sharon M
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“I love it. It’s so comfy to hold and I really enjoy the fact that it’s cordless. I use it for my face and my whole body! -Sensilight Pro”
Kelly A
Kelly A
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“I’m usually very skeptical about beauty products, but I have to admit that for me it worked very well! I see an improvement in texture and it’s great. – Sensilight PRO”
Megan D
Megan D
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“I used to work for Sensica as a model on QVC shows, so after promoting the device a few times, I just took it home to try. I love the fact that it’s cordless and saves me time. It’s painless and really easy to use! I have it forever so I can retouch from time to time- Sensilight PRO”
Miri k
Miri k
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“My hair is quite dark, so it really bothered me on my arms and armpits. It worked well for me and I’m satisfied. Thanks Sensica, for choosing my review! – Sensilight PRO”

Real Results


reported the treatment to be pain free


reported a reduction in regrowth


felt regrowth was slower


hair reduction after 8 treatments

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Kit Includes

1 Device


How to use your Sensilight PRO

step 1
Shave the treatment area, and make sure the skin is dry, clean and free of topical products, such as moisturisers. Remove jewellery.
step 2
Turn on the device and use the energy level recommendation button to select the correct energy level for you.
step 3
Place the treatment window on the desired area, ensuring it is in full skin contact. Press the trigger button to deliver single flashes in pulse mode. For continuous flashes, use glide mode. Press the trigger button and hold for 3 consecutive flashes, then release the button. Glide mode will automatically activate and perform treatment flashes until skin contact is broken.
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Got more questions?

Because of the way in which RPL™ technology works, Sensilight PRO is not suitable for use on very dark skin tones or very light hair colours. Before beginning treatment, check your skin and hair tones against the Fitzpatrick Scale below:

✓ indicates skin and hair tones that are suitable for treatment with the Sensilight PRO

✗ indicates those that are not

See what true users say

Avarage Rating

11 reviews for Sensilight PRO

  1. Elitza

    I am very pleased with my purchase! The hair is growing less since the second use.

  2. Emma T.

    I have been using this device for a few months now, it’s very comfortable to use and lasts for a lot of flashes between charges. I can see the results after a few treatments already and it’s motivating me to keep up! just love it!

  3. Jeveriia

    So far so good
    I always wanted a good laser, I came across Sensica and did some research. I bought it hoping for the best as I’ve got quite thick sharp hair. I’ve been using it on my body and boy I can see some great results!

    It saves me so much time and energy as before I would spend so much time on removing hair daily.

    I would prefer to save up and buy Sensica rather than spending money on other lasers that’s not very effective

  4. Tatiana Gk

    Great Product!

  5. Alice T.

    I’ve done 4 treatments on my legs, armpits & facial hair and can notice a reduction already, especially on my legs & facial hair. Overall I’m very impressed with the Sensilight.

  6. Jane

    Overall I’m very impressed with the Sensilight PRO. I like the fact it charges quickly, has unlimited flashes, seems to have good results & the glide option makes legs quicker

  7. Claudia

    I bought a month ago it was so good. I am happy with it. I will recommend to my friends too.

  8. Samantha

    It takes few sessions to start showing results, seems very legit, easy to use, no pain, This is one of the nicest hair removal devices I have used.

  9. Molly

    Very good product. Noticed that the treatment window should be in a full touch with skin, otherwise no flashes come out. Once figured that out, works like a charm

  10. Rena

    Very effective device for hair removal. I like that there’s a function to automatically detect the best intensity level for your skin

  11. Cloe

    I got a great effect which causes a long-term reduction in hair growth.
    This device makes the treatment safe and comfortable.

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