Will Male Grooming Go Mainstream?

There is nothing shameful for men to want to improve their looks and feel better about themselves, yet many still shy away from visiting salons or shopping for male-targeted products in stores. They prefer to have them delivered or, increasingly, buy them online. However, the male beauty and personal care segment is slowly evolving from a niche category to a mainstream one, with launches of special products, online players providing easy purchases, billion-dollar acquisitions, and, most conspicuously, a healthy and natural shift in male consumers wanting to look and feel their best!

Worldwide consulting and research firm Kline, delves into uncharted categories in this market, and how much further the segment will evolve. Some of their most predominant discoveries are the buzz behind promotions and marketing, performance of leading brands, growing distribution channels, and the way that this sector will shape up in the future.

Shavers to Your Door
In 2011, The Dollar Shave Club started a subscription-based shaving services that conveniently delivered razors and other grooming products to customers by mail. Today, it is a multimillion-dollar segment with new players who have entered the market from 800Razors, to Harry’s, and Bevel. Cosmetics giants are also showing interest. Procter & Gamble has launched its own Gillette razor ordering service, Unilever acquired The Dollar Shave Club, and in 2017 Jack Black launched its own luxury razor service.

When Convenience is Key
Not only women have taken to buying their beauty products online! The internet has burgeoned into the fastest growing means to sell to the male grooming sector and has further boosted the segment. Online purchasing allows men to choose their products and pricing in a convenient way that also saves them the embarrassment they might feel when buying products in stores.

Power Products Rule
Interestingly, men are increasingly going for high-impact products like anti-aging serums and face masks to prevent and reverse signs of aging. There are more and more products being developed for this niche market with super innovative packaging and more men are becoming confident about using clay masks and beauty devices.

Sensilight for Men
One device that men should be snapping up is Sensica’s Sensilight mini. Hair removal is as much an issue for men as it is for women. Once hair removal was mainly for men into sports like surfing, cycling, or body building, but now many more want to look like the buff actors they see on the big screen. Others realize that having a pelt on their backs or chests is not always appealing.

The FDA-cleared Sensilight Mini is certainly a high-impact product based on cutting-edge Reactive Pulsed Light (RPL) technology that disables hair re-growth at the root using light and heat. It is the ultimate, professional-grade, non-invasive, painless hair remover device that delivers permanent results not just for men on the go, but for those who prefer using a device in the comfort of their own homes at a time of their convenience — in other words, no expensive, and repeated visits to beauty salons, which also touches the embarrassing nerve.

Men have as much right as women to care about the way they look and to invest in the way they feel about their bodies. Male grooming will go mainstream one way or the other!

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