What is the Price of Beauty?

They say “no pain, no gain” but just how far are you willing to go to achieve your ideal beauty results? To help you decide if it’s worth the risk, here’s the low down about the unwanted side effects that might follow some common treatments.


1. Anti-wrinkle cream

A keyway to defy ageing is to use an anti-wrinkle cream. A key ingredient of such products tends to be topical retinoids, which work by boosting collagen and slowing and preventing UV-related ageing. But it’s worth bearing in mind that they can also cause irritation, leading to excessive dryness, redness, and sensitivity to UV light.

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2. Bikini waxing/shaving

Whether you’re motivated by aesthetics or hygiene, removing hair from your bikini line is not always a straight forward business. Razor lacerations, burns from overheated bikini wax, ingrown hairs, bacterial and fungal infections – some even life threatening – are all possible outcomes.

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3. Pedicures

Plunging your feet into a deliciously warm, frothy whirlpool in the salon is one of life’s ‘aah’ moments. But, if not properly sterilized between treatments, these footbaths can become a hotbed for fast-growing, infection-causing bacteria. Similarly, the reuse of exfoliating pumice and other unclean tools can spread the potentially deadly Staph infection. And if the beautician offers to take a razor to the stubborn callouses on your heels, politely decline – this can reveal deep layers of skin that should never be exposed, leading to permanent damage or even scarring.

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4. Eyebrow waxes

Aside from disastrous shaping results, eyebrow waxes can have serious side effects, including burns, blisters and redness from wax that’s been overheated. If the waxing is particularly vigorous, it can also traumatise the skin, leaving it vulnerable to infection.

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5. Waist trainers

Corsets fell out of fashion in the early 1900s, and yet a new trend has emerged recently of wearing a bodice or waist trainer for several hours a day to achieve a trimmer look. But, before you try it, have a think about this: if it feels tight on the outside, imagine what it’s doing to your internal organs as they get squashed together!

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6. Laser hair removal

Permanent hair removal sounds like a result worth paying for, right? But, the side effects of the treatment can include skin damage, scarring, hyper pigmentation (skin discoloration), blistering and even burns.

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7. Liposuction

If you’ve been carrying stubborn fat and cellulite around your buttocks and thighs, liposuction may seem tempting as a ‘quick fix’. Bear in mind though that this is considered to be a surgical procedure, so it carries risks associated with anaesthesia and healing.

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