Is a surgical facelift the ultimate cure for wrinkles?

People often ask how they can get rid of their facial wrinkles. When we think back to the stories we were told as children, filled with color, charismatic characters and a strong moral lesson, the central heroine would usually be youthful, charming, elegant and beautiful. On the other hand, a villainous witch would be old, crooked, ugly and wrinkled. Perhaps this is the root cause of why women get so nervous about wrinkles on their face – they see it as symptom sign of aging. And to be honest, it often is.


Our skin is held in place by the meticulous arrangement of blood vessels, muscles, connective tissue and fibrous tissue that lie beneath the surface. When healthy, it lies perfectly smooth in its stretched state. Most of the time, there are no visible wrinkles. But as we age, our muscles get lax and even weak, and connective and fibrous tissues start to lose their consistency. Furrows and ridging start showing up as wrinkles, and when they are on our face, we can’t easily hide them from view.


In earlier generations, wrinkles would start appearing as we hit our 40s and 50s. With the demanding pace of our modern lifestyle, where everything is expected to happen at the speed of light, our bodies can undergo extreme stress. For some people, this results in wrinkles as young as in their thirties!


As enlightened and intelligent as we humans are, rather than proactively learning how to live more healthily to prevent the wrinkles from appearing, we tend to reactively seek out ways of dealing with them once they have already appeared. Declaring war on wrinkles, an entire industry has popped up, focused on keeping skin clear, smooth, and vibrant, even into our later years. Society is so youth oriented, almost to the point of obsession, that there is seemingly no end to the number of skincare products and services on the market – just check the health and beauty section of your favorite store and consider how much of it is actually medically necessary, and how much is designed simply to keep people feeling good about how they look as they try to roll back the clock a decade or more.


Of course, there’s also a more drastic surgical option…. the facelift. In a procedure similar to plastic surgery, the surgeon deliberately manipulates the excess facial skin along any underlying structure, redressing it in a way that’s considered to be more attractive, namely without wrinkles. A simple analogy to describe how this works would be trying to wrap a book in a cover. No cover fits exactly, so you cut it here and fold it there, wrap it around the book and stick it securely in place, straight and neat, with any excess either cut off or hidden from view. Ta-da! The book looks better than ever. If a book can have this, why can’t your face?

wrinkles reductionFacelift surgery appeals to many people. In some fields it’s practically a must-have fashion statement – think leading actresses (and actors) in Hollywood. But we don’t all have the budget to spring for surgery, no matter how much we hate our wrinkles. There are also side effects to consider: the human face is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, and if there is any visible scarring it can remain, along with the mental trauma, for the rest of a person’s life.

But, you should know that there is an alternative – a safe, advanced, cost-effective treatment that you can do at home. Sensilift is a handheld device that uses Dynamic RF™ technology to reduce wrinkles. From your first five-minute treatment, collagen production is stimulated, resulting in instantly tighter skin. So, before you decide to go under the surgeon’s knife in pursuit of younger-looking skin, check out your options. It could be that the secret to wrinkle reduction is actually in your own hands.

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