Hair Regrowth Home Remedies

Unwanted facial and body hair may not be detrimental to one’s health, but it’s embarrassing and a knock to one’s self-confidence. Hair suddenly sprouting on your face, hands, chest, feet, and back, may be triggered by post-pregnancy changes, hormonal imbalances, irregular menstrual cycles, or side-effects of certain meds. Don’t despair, you can get rid of hair easily at home without spending a fortune on visits to clinics.

Home Remedies

If one Google’s DIY hair removal, there are tonnes of recipes out there explaining all the pantry ingredients you can use to remove hair. There’s everything from applying a mix of honey and lemon juice to areas of unwanted hair and repeating the process twice a week for months to get the desired, hairless effect; to making a raw papaya and turmeric powder pulp and applying it 1-2 times a week; and when you just used red lentils for making soup think again — some swear that making a lentil face pack with honey and milk and using it 2-3 times a week will remove unwanted facial hair; another recipe calls for a facial hair egg mask — yes, gone are the days when eggs spelt breakfast — now you can add sugar and corn flour and try “wax” your face 3-4 times weekly; apparently making a white pepper and camphor mask and smearing it on every time you want to remove leg hair is another option — at least you’re warned not to use kerosene (as some recommend) as it’s extremely flammable even in small amounts and damages the skin instead of repairing it! 

Time is of the Essence

In this hectic day and age, if you’re a person with the time to remove unwanted body hair three or more times a week, then you’re luckier than most. If you have the time and patience to do so, you’re also luckier than most. The truth is that today, both men and women are seeking home hair removal solutions that are not only quicker than spending time in the kitchen preparing magical potions, but are also painless and much, much more efficient and professional.

Modern Magic

Welcome to the modern world of professional grade, home use, hair removal devices that actually give a permanent solution and not one you have to do every single time you want a smooth skin. An excellent example is the Sensilight Mini from Sensica’s range of affordable, professional, non-invasive, painless, and easy-to-use devices for at-home, pulsed-light hair removal. Using patented RPL technology (Reactive Pulsed Light) — which has been clinically proven to cause a remarkable reduction in hair growth, the Sensilight Mini features unique sensors that continuously react to the skin’s specific needs with every single pulse and this is something that no messy, kitchen-baked remedies can do — no matter how much fun they may seem to you. They also won’t guarantee permanent, salon-quality results!

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