Eating Right for a Great Looking Skin

Some idioms are amazing things- they can convey a powerful message in one sentence that couldn’t be expressed in a thesis.
Take for example “you are what you eat,” “what’s eating you?” or “food for thought.” You’re might be asking what this has to do with skin care, but a bit of soul searching is really the first step tp earing your way to a great-looking skin!

What’s Eating You?

In this day and age, women and men live very stressful lives and for many that’s probably the understatement of the century. Yet women, especially, are still trying to live up to their famed multi-tasking abilities. For this reason, being told to exercise three times a week, snack on carrots, replace your coffee addiction with huge amounts of water intake, and sleep seven or eight hours a night, might be impossible to pull off in practice. Will you really drive the extra distance to that health store that stocks 100 varieties of legumes? Would you honestly pay for a gym membership knowing that after a week max of regular visits your money would have been better spent on plants for the garden? If the answer is no, then shelve trying to overhaul your lifestyle and start researching the effects of stress — not just on your body, but on your skin!

 Sit down and level with yourself — your aging skin bothers you, but you still aren’t doing anything about it, so is it really just a lack of time that stops you from caring for yourself or are there deeper issues? Surely, caring for your body is a statement of self-esteem? You may have issues with postpubescent girl groups, but kudos to En Vogue for their song: “Free your mind and the rest will follow.”

At the End of the Tunnel

Once you’ve freed your mind — be it through yoga, meditation, painting, pottery, or just making some more time for yourself — you’ll be able to start a healthy way of life. A way that feels right for you. Eat healthily – visit a professional nutritionist rather than follow a diet your friend tried or the latest fad you Googled; invest in your skin – there are many DIY treatment devices that can give you a home facelift and many DIY tips (see other articles in this blog) on how to treat and pamper your skin; and invest in yourself.


Bottom line, it’s not only what you eat; it’s about what’s eating you!


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